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A Message from Julie 6-2021


“Seeing the next few months from an Ayurveda perspective means we are transitioning from spring, a wet time with fluctuating temps and an overall sense of heaviness to summer with heat, longer days and a lot of activity. Spring is referred to as the kapha season with the elements of earth and water in play. Summer is known as the pitta season with the elements of fire and water in play. Too much stagnation in the body from the natural accumulation of earth & water during the spring can create a low fire so we need to be very careful how we kindle the fire as to not create too much fire or put it out.

Pitta season can also create a more oily environment for the body and pacifies vata with the heat and allows vata to slowly build, and kapha starts to lower down naturally. The energy channels are opening up after keeping the energy in the body
for internal heat, now the body is ready to release that heat so your digestion weakens as the fire is let go.

Think about pitta as “liquid fire”-it burns fuel to create energy, creates our internal temperature, and is involved in vision, body appearance, and skin color (red rashy irritable). Yelling, road rage, intense moments with people, are signs of building pitta, so creating a balanced fire is super important now so our foods should be of the sweet taste, more cooling, more liquid quality.

Smoothies are great for the pitta season as long as our fire is strong and the smoothie isn’t cold. Many people have trouble digesting smoothies, drinking them and then soon after heading to the bathroom.

Undigested food will appear in loose stools-an indication fire is invariable-sometimes too much, sometimes too little. Maybe watch the amount of spicy foods you are consuming, the use of hard alcohol, kombucha, and salsas. Now is the time for salads at LUNCH and very light dinners.

Foods that are heavily salted, sour, pungent and hot should be avoided as much as possible. You may desire meat less and find stews and hot soups no longer sound appetizing.

Ice cold drinks are hard on the digestion so room temp foods and drinks are better.
Napping during the pitta season is welcomed. Walking barefoot in the grass by the water is soothing. Go to Lake Ellyn and just sit and take the water in. Lots of cool showers are wonderful! Using neem and sandalwood soap is wonderful now. Swim, meet with friends, stay up a bit later than you would in the winter. Still rise with the sun-cool early mornings are so pleasant-makes the whole day better!

Keep a good routine-wake up same time as sun rises, do your morning business, use sandalwood and rose to help cool the body and mind down. 

Pearls are cooling, clothes should be light material and light colors. Create a water area somewhere for you-a small table fountain, a pond in yard, water element somewhere! So cooling and soothing for the pitta season. Cotton balls soaked in rose water and placed over closed eye lids is very soothing for those pitta organs. Shitali & alternating nostril breath is very cooling and settling for a busy, hot, irritated mind.

And meditation is a great way to settle again, an overactive, heated mind. Sour fruits (citrus), beets, raw carrots, garlic, onions, chili, tomato, sour cream & salted cheese should be avoided now. Think sweet like apples, pears, dates, plums and prunes.
Cucumber, lettuce, sprouts, steamed asparagus & broccoli, basmati rice, mung dhal soup, are great foods to eat during the summer. Chicken, turkey, or shrimp are great proteins now.

So keeping ourselves protected from the strong summer sun is vital now, wear a hat, be outside during the morning and late afternoon, wear sunglasses, light flowing clothes, and light foods will help us. 

Calming down pitta is a basic foundation for good relationships and staying healthy during the pitta season. 

Remember to drink the tea:
Equal parts: cumin seed, fennel seed, and coriander seed seeped in hot
water. You can add mint now for the cooling action. I make a jar full and
use 1 tsp per 8-10 ounces of hot water. Let cool and then drink the entire
amount of tea throughout the day.

You are in charge of your health and state of mind. Use some of these
tools to help keep everything on the right track, it is easier to correct
now then when the disturbance settles deep into the tissues and organs.”

Enjoy !

Posted 42 weeks ago

Evening Nasya

EVENING NASYA:  This oil is for nighttime lubrication for nostrils.  Use a q-tip and put oil up each nostril.  The herbs of skullcap, brahmi, calamus root, passion flower and rose help create a dose of calm and peace!  The base is organic apricot oil!

Contact The Yoga & Ayurveda Center at 630.330.9461 for more information.

Posted 67 weeks ago

Winter Abyhanga Oil

WINTER ABYHANGA OIL:  This unique oil presents a warming blend of organic oils and herbs to help balance the cold, dry action of winter.  It creates a layer of protection from the dryness in our homes and the outside weather.  Abyhanga is an oil massage with oil massaged on the body in certain strokes and then left on the body for 15-20 minutes with a warm shower afterward, using no soap.

This is one of the easiest ways to help move toward better health.  We call it “self love” in Ayurveda speak!

Contact The Yoga & Ayurveda Center at 630.330.9461 for more information.

Posted 67 weeks ago