Welcome to The Yoga & Ayurveda Center located at the corner of St. Charles Road and S. Park Avenue one block west of Main Street in Lombard, Illinois.




Ayurveda Milk Bath Perfect for a Night of Self Love:

This is a wonderful recipe for cooling the body in the hot summer nights:

2 gallons of organic whole milk room temp (left on counter or heated slightly)
1 bottle of rose water
Optional: rose petals and a few drops of essential  rose oil

Start by rinsing off body in shower-light oil massage.  Fill tub with warm to warmer water and then stand in tub. Pour gently the milk and rose water mixture over body slowly and rub into skin. Get in water and can add rose petals now that have the essential oil sprinkled on them. ( Will make a mess in tub so could put petals in cheesecloth for easier cleanup) Relax in tub for 15-20mins.  Shower and wash hair if necessary.  Slip into light cotton loose fitting clothes or go to bed.  Simply Exquisite.






COST:  $15

(donations appreciated for the musician)

Upcoming SCHYS Teacher Training Programs

Ready to take your practice further?

Want to learn how to keep clients/students safe?

Ready to take a deeper dive into yogic philosophy, and even deepen your own Spiritual practice through the ancient wisdom and practice of yoga?

This 300-Hour Training Program may be just what you're ready for. Plus it is also the first step toward becoming a Yoga Therapist.


J. Michael Taylor instructs an Iyengar style class weekly on Fridays at 9:30am. 

Standing postures are taught, along with seated, inverted (upside down), and lying down asanas. When necessary, supports called “props” are used to facilitate learning allowing the student to progress safely to suit his or her body. Beginners work in a basic way on simple postures according to their capabilities. As one progresses refined ways of working are introduced as well as more complex postures. Iyengar Yoga is not competitive.

In-Studio Classes with Michael:

  • Fridays @ 9:30am:  Iyengar Yoga

Effective July 1, 2021, the studio will allow Drop-In students.  Cost: $18.


Priya Kumar will lead kids and adults in yoga classes starting in August and September.  Register today using the link above!

  • Kids Yoga Series on Mondays starting 8-23-21
  • Power & Vinyasa Yoga on Thursdays and Fridays starting 9-2-21.  Thursday yoga is perfect for beginners to provide easier poses, slower pace, and or refresh your practice.

In-Studio Classes with Priya:

  • Monday Series @ 5:15pm:  6 Week Kids Yoga
  • Thursdays @  6:30pm:  Beginner Power Yoga
  • Fridays @ 6:30pm:  Power & Vinyasa Yoga