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C L A S S  P A S S E S

GC - 3 Class Pass

$ 48 USD

Purchase a gift certificate for 3 classes good for 2 months.

GC - 6 Class Pass

$ 93 USD

Purchase a gift certificate for 6 classes good for 3 months.

GC - 10 Class Pass

$ 153 USD

Purchase a gift certificate for 10 classes good for 4 months.


Warm verbalized oil is lightly massaged into the entire body to help cleanse, stimulate, and sedate the skin.

Warm Oil Bliss

$ 78 USD

1 hour light massage

Begins with a shorter version of the bliss treatment and then warm herbal oil is slowly poured over third eye to deeply relax the nervous system.  This treatment helps with anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, and helps to elevate the stress of everyday life.

Heavenly Bliss

$ 103 USD

1 hour treatment

Begins with a shorter version of bliss treatment. Then we steam the nasal passages and apply ghee in nose, ears, and eyes to help release the strain of the senses in our everyday life.  Helps dry eyes, ringing in ears, headaches and nasal issues.

Soothing of your Senses

$ 78 USD

1 hour treatment

This a a combination of warm oil massage, steam bath and warm oil poured over third eye.  This treatment leaves the body totally relaxed and the mind in a blissful state.

Bliss Beyond Compare

$ 163 USD

1 1/2 hours massage therapy

This treatment is the full body massage, steam bath, and then dough dams are placed over energy centers. Warm verbalized oils are put in dough dams and allowed to nourish energy centers to deepen the healing properties.

Deep Surrendering

$ 148 USD

1 1/2 hours massage therapy