Therapeutic Massage
  • $40/30 Minutes
  • $70/60 Minutes
  • $100/90 Minutes

This therapeutic session will help heal, restore and release pain and tension in the body.  Whether you are looking for full-body or focus to a specific area, this session will be customized  to your needs.  Be ready to discuss your goals & fully feel rejuvenated!  Buy now!


Prenatal Massage
  • $40/30 Minutes
  • $70/60 Minutes
  • $100/90 Minutes

This type of massage increases circulation, reduces swelling and discomfort while deeply relaxing the mother & baby.  Props and pillows will be incorporated during this session, allowing the mother to feel fully supported  with complete comfort.   Buy Now!

*This session is available for those over 12 weeks with normal healthy pregnancies*


Reiki Massage
  • $40/30 Minutes
  • $70/60 Minutes

Reiki is the Japanese phrase for “universal life energy” used to help reduce stress, promote deep relaxation, relieve pain, and balance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.  During this reiki session, you will lie fully clothed on a massage table and the therapist will lightly place her hands on or just above the body in order to align and bring healing energy to organs and glands.  Buy Now!


Reiki/Massage Combo
  • $45/30 Minutes
  • $75/60 Minutes
  • $105/90 Minutes

Experience total bliss in this Reiki/massage combo.  This session will dissolve pain and tension in your body while vitalizing your organs and glands.  Whether you are looking for specific work to your back or any other area combined with Reiki, be ready to discuss your goals, feel inner peace and bring clarity to your mind.  Buy Now!


Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage
  • $80/60 Minutes
  • $110/90 Minutes

By adding  heated stones to your session the muscles will release tension and stress in the body much faster than a traditional massage.  Heated stones are used as an extension of the hand while performing traditional massage strokes.

This type of massage is known to connect the body and mind in at state of relaxation.  If you are looking to fully unwind, deeply relax and let go of tension and stress this session if for you!  Buy Now!