ASHLEY FASANO enjoys nothing more in life than sharing the gifts, blessings and benefits of yoga with anyone who's willing to listen. I began my journey shortly after graduating high school. After living with all the stress of a full time job, going to college, and dealing with a difficult past I found myself depressed and locked in unhealthy habits. Then I found yoga and it was love at first Asana! It was difficult at first and there was so much to learn and take in. However it became the driving force in my life, it brought such peace, tranquility, happiness and positive energy to all areas of my life. Before I knew what happened I woke up one day and realized what it meant to truly love myself. We as people in this fast paced competitive world spend so much of our time just getting through our days and never truly enjoying all the blessings we have in the present moment. This is what brought me to begin a path of teaching. Where I could share the gifts of yoga with others. So they may share this experience and this daily blessing of learning what it's like to simply slow down, take a deep breath, and be grateful for being just the way we are and love ourselves for being who we are. Through yoga I wish to help people heal.