PRIYA KUMAR is mother of two handsome sons 13 and 7 years old who completed her MBA after the birth of her second child at which time Priya joined a yoga class in India and realized a new path.  "Yoga totally changed my mindset and perspective of life and since then decided to get deeper in practice and completed 300hrs & 500hrs power yoga teacher training from Yoga Alliance International and is spreading yoga to the community for the past 6 years."  Priya has also completed prenatal, postnatal  and kids teacher certification (YACEPcertified) and is presently working on a Masters from Akshar Yoga Bangalore (India). "I believe learning never stops so I keep myself engaged in continuing education.  I aim to give my students a judgement-free space to explore yoga.  I encourage my students to find new levels of possibility in their bodies and mind and bring their practice off their mat and into their lives. My session includes asana (sometime dynamic), pranayama and meditation.  My aim is to provide my students with both physical and spiritual aspects."