Beginner Yoga - Drop In's will benefit from some previous yoga experience will be helpful.  Instructors are open to students with various beginner level experience.  This class is designed as a "yoga practice" which differs from the 4 week beginner series that provides the teachings of basic yoga fundamentals in progression. 

Beginner Yoga Series are yoga classes especially created for a beginner. Progressive classes are created to learn the basics of Hatha Yoga.  The fundamentals of alignment and breathing will come into immediate play in your everyday life. You will also learn and practice basic stretches, balancing poses, strengthening exercises and relaxation techniques. You can begin to experience for yourself some of the benefits that can arise from practicing yoga.  This includes increased flexibility and strength,  promoting healthy cardiovascular  through asanas (poses) targeting circulatory and respiratory systems, and digestive health, as well as a sense of well-being and awareness.   ---   This series of classes is taught on a beginner level.  It is different from a “drop in” class because the instructor is teaching all beginners as a group. This allows for stopping and further explanation and discussion while participating.

Pre- registration (P*) is necessary to maintain the highest level of quality to keep this class a success. Class sizes are limited so that you will receive lots of personal attention and will gain the skills and confidence to move into a “drop in” yoga class at The Yoga Place.