YOGA 1 2 3

Yoga 1 is open to all practitioners at any level.  Each teacher has their own style and process of leading the practice to different levels. Beginners, long time practitioners, and curious minds will all be fed in this level of practice.

Yoga 2 practices a series of poses stacked with inner focus towards the breath.  A deeper practice which includes bandhas, pranayama, and time to meditate.

Yoga 1-2-3 is a powerful method of Hatha yoga is taught which integrates biomechanical principles of optimal alignment with the celebration of the heart and spirit. Inspired by Anusara Yoga and Kundalini Meditation, this yoga class offers a dynamic synthesis of asana technique, yoga philosophy, and the celebration of good company. This class is best suited for intermediate, advanced, and/or athletic students with previous experience looking for lessons on advancing their physical practice and deepening their meditative experience.